Join Success Trainer Steve Q. Wiltshire for this very special training

'5 Ways to Book Your Calendar Solid With Rock Star Hosts'

Your 10-Day Booking Campaign to Beat Your Best Month Ever!

Launch Your Month With Your Ideal Number of Live & Virtual Parties!

Monday, October 23rd

6:30 pm PT/ 7:30 pm MT/ 8:30 pm CT/ 9:30 pm ET

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You’ll have the ideal number of live and virtual parties, and one-on-one appointments in your calendar, a load of confidence, guaranteed income, and be ready to give your hosts and guests an extraordinary experience!


You’re tired of struggling to fill up your calendar with live parties, virtual parties and one-on-one appointments!

What if the truth was this simple… ?
There’s a simple, more authentic approach that works!

Is this you?

I feel like a telemarketer!

I want to feel comfortable reaching out to others by phone, text and social media but I have a difficult time dealing with the rejection. HELP!

I can't get people to engage!

I want to know how successful direct sellers use social media to connect and engage others in hosting live and virtual parties!

I've run out of connections!

How do other direct sales professional get leads and referrals and keep their calendar full?

I'm tired of cancellations!

I want my live and Facebook parties to be so fun and my hostesses to be so engaged that canceling or rescheduling isn’t even an option.

What will you get out of '5 Ways to Book Your Calendar with Rock Star Hostesses'?

My name is Steve Q. Wiltshire and I have coached and trained thousands of representatives in direct sales/network marketing how to create their ideal life and business.

Many of my personal client‘s have built million/multi-million dollar businesses and are living their rendition of an ideal life.  What do you desire accomplishing more of in life? Join me for our upcoming webinar and allow me to coach and train you how to take your business to the next level. 

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